Our company provides reliable rehabilitation services to the patients, these rehabilitation services are backed by a team of skilled professionals with vast experience that enables us to provide the best support and services. The prime objective of our rehabilitation services is to provide a healthy and a normal life to all patients that have undergone severe injuries causing physical disablement or a chronic condition that cause them pain or limit their daily activities.
SAKET is the organization established to meet health needs of the targeted population. We have world class health facilities to deliver quality products and technology.
People who are differently-abled encounter a range of barriers when they attempt to access health care, for example, limited availability of services, physical barriers, inadequate skills and knowledge of health workers. SAKET tries to tackle and overcome such problems by developing normative tools and ensures the differently-abled people are knowledgeable about their own health condition and protect their rights and dignity.
We give you rehabilitative services to help you regain the mobility you have lost and also help you to develop skills important to your daily living. We care about people with disabilities who are particularly vulnerable to deficiencies in health care services.
We provide a broad range of modifications and adjustments to facilitate access to health care. SAKET empowers the differently abled to maximize their potential to reach the goal of independence.
It is our solemn promise to rehabilitate you with our esteemed services from orthotics to prosthetics, anaplastology (cosmetic restoration), physiotherapy, occupational therapy, mobility aids, compression garments, silicone & gel products, pet orthotics & registered dietician.
Hence, we are the only rehabilitation experts in central India. Patient care and rehabilitation is our motto.
Indeed we bring your life back into motion.