Finger / Toes Silicone Prosthesis

Our silicone prostheses (prosthetic fingers or toes) are designed to protect sensitive tissue, improve function and normalize appearance. We work closely with patients to determine a prosthetic solution that will be comfortable, lifelike and maximize function. The finger or toe prosthesis aims to restore the cosmetic and aesthetic appearance of the hand or foot. It will provide the patient with more confidence and in turn give a psychological boost to social interaction.The prosthesis also provides a greater body image and thus increases confidence.The prosthesis may be used in cases of bilateral reconstruction too. The prosthesis comes complete with an acrylic nail that may be painted, if the patient desires.Usually silicone finger / toes prosthesis attach by suction. It protect sensitive tip of finger/toes from further trauma. Prosthesis plays important role in Rehabilitation & Psychological counseling.
We create custom fingertip, finger, thumb, partial hand, hand and toe prostheses for patients who have experienced loss of form and function due to:
Traumatic injury
Surgery—cancer or tumor removal
Disease—such as diabetes and scleroderma
Congenital conditions of the hand