``Bringing Life Back To Motion``

At Saket Ortho, we are all focused to provide high-value services, which are cost-effective, to disabled or handicapped individuals, irrespective of the economic class they belong to. Our focus is clearly defined in our Vision and Mission: To serve the society.

How we got here

Our History

As Gandhi once said: “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”
2015 marks over 35 years since we first opened our doors to serve the disabled and handicapped community. It is an incredible milestone in our work that has led us to grow exponentially since our inception. Our product portfolio is constantly expanding: we currently have over 250 products categorized into four different categories and another 100 more in the pipeline.

Our Present

We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made: we have built synergistic partnerships with renowned Physiotherapist, Orthopedists, and leading manufacturers to churn out the best physiotherapy and orthopedic appliances, that are of the highest quality, while still being affordable to all economic classes of the society.

Our Future

Now we are going to focus on improving services for every family in every corner of the world, where a family member is disabled or handicapped, no exceptions.

We are committed to introduce 10 new products in each category. Also committed to introduce at least 20 new designs of footwear to ensure our clients stay fashionable even while using Diabetic and Ortho footwear.

To meet the challenges and global reach we have started our e-commerce website to make all our products available online, this enables a global reach by harnessing the power of internet and e-commerce.

Revolutionary new genetic research for prosthesis

The tireless nonstop work with our team to provide prosthesis and prosthetic solution to service the disabled and the handicapped community, with our prime motive and goal of our motto ” Bringing Life Back To Motion”

We have that faith and we are altering history with our motto for a happier society. And so we ask you to join us. Rejoice at our progress. Be inspired by our brave, beautiful loved ones handicapped or disabled. Let them be your incentive to enlist as our newest soldier.

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