Multi-Product Capability

With 4 decades of experience and working with professionals and continuous research and development, we have over 400 products and introduce 25 new products every year, and many more in shoe designs!

Appropriate Designing

With the help of our research professionals and R & D center, we constantly design products which improve healthcare products and give 100% customer satisfaction, with high performance and quality.

Quick Delivery

We provide timely delivery of orders at patrons’ premises due to the support of responsible experts and connectivity of our warehouse with different transportation modes.

Effective R & D

Saket emphasizes on effective R&D activities to improve and innovate the development of new products and procedures. Saket R & D center continuously works closely with its customers and professionals to improve healthcare standards.

Rehabilitation Products & Services

We provide the best rehabilitation products and services to our patients. These products and services are backed by a team of skilled professionals with vast experience, knowledge, and compassion.

Customized Prosthetic Solutions

We know that every problem does not have a common solution and that every persons’ needs are different. We can provide extremely customized services to our client. We provide a range of solutions from Custom Prostheses to Bionic Limbs to ...

Why Choose Us ?

The Reasons That You Should Contact Us


Over 40 years of experience.

We have been working in this sector of Orthopaedic appliances and Rehabilitation for almost 40 years. With us, you are in the best hands.


Specialized Custom Solutions

One of our many specialties is custom prosthesis and other solutions. The prosthesis we make are as close as possible to what they replace and feel very comfortable and natural to the user. We provide a wide range of solutions from osseointegration to microprocessor-controlled knee joints to bionic limbs.


Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

We believe success is measured by the number of lives we improve and help. We are more interested in "getting your life back to motion" than what you pay us for it. We truly want to make your life better. We truly care.

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